i think you are pretty and sexy

you definitely need to hear it every once in a while

if that's true or not
# by halcany | 2006-05-21 23:50

springy kind of day


waking up late
cleaning up last night's mess
taking a bath
fixing late lunch

taking nap

strolling the neighbourhood
there were uncountable cherry blossoms
sitting under the cherry tree while i eat ice cream

isn't it nice?
# by halcany | 2006-03-28 18:31 | others

alex, too cute to be true

how come every cute guys are either taken or gay?

life's too not fair!

good night world
good night dear alex
see you in the dream...
# by halcany | 2006-03-13 23:39 | others

le dinner de jour


i will get someone to take me there sometime

there's a petit chateau appears when you walk 5min from ebisu station, tokyo
that's a restaurant owned by some famous french guy
and it's supposed to be one of the best french restaurants in tokyo
one of the few restaurants with dress codes

today, i went to the bourangerie called la boutique de joel robuchon
they don't have dress codes, thank him
and i bought this little 10cm foccacia with seasonal veggies

this is the bomb

i've never had a perfect piece of bread like this
these veggies are all japanese, like
uikyou, nanohana, cabbage sprouts, maitake mashrooms, bamboo shoots...etc.
and some walnuts and garlic powder garnishing
but surprisingly it matches so beautifully with this italian bread
makes me drink more wine

little sides: stilton cheese + crab pate

perfect dinner
# by halcany | 2006-03-09 21:33 | food

daughnut plant

do you know this daughnut place?
it's a little plant in ghetto-ish side in LES.

now it's getting to be a huge capitol over here in tokyo.
unbelievably well branded.
and it's nothing like the original shop.

they have quite a few menu that wouldn't appear at the original place.
daughnuts were the same, but there were something missing: the service.

this state-of-the-art-clenliness and the japanese hospitality
will surely please everyone coming to japan.
but not the one coming back to japan.

i just miss it so much of the crumpy, rather homely atmosphere.
that somewhat affected my taste buds.

i can't believe that i'm feeling this way since i've always been craving this service-in-perfection when i was in the other end of the world.

the flavor of daughnut did remind me of the days in ny though.

can't wait to be back there sometime.
# by halcany | 2005-12-03 23:27 | food

discourse with electrical divice

- what are you up tp?

going home, that's what i'm up to.

- oh, sorry.
well, anyway, i was thinking about you, i hope you're well.

i'm okay.

- i'm glad.

good to hear.

- i'm going to put in a film.
# by halcany | 2005-10-20 01:41 | others

deep in the woods

the school's started.

it's located in the woods.
this is called "isolated crazy's uthopia".

it's a lot of fun getting new knowledge.
i'm absorbing them as if to fulfill the nothingness i had been having a while.

i'm doing good, thank you.
# by halcany | 2005-09-14 14:33

silly silly me

i haven't done anything productive today.
the school's starting tomorrow.
gonna have to stay up till morning to decide what classes to take.
it's real fun just to think about taking classes that i like to know about.
but it's just pain in the butt that it also have to meet with graduation requirements.
like required units in each area and senior thesis.

wish i could start a month earlier.

silly me.

school seems really exciting after leaving years.
# by halcany | 2005-09-07 00:07 | others

again, had some cheep beer

guess what,

i went to karaoke alone today.

they were offering one free drink per hour,
and i got to drink two orders of beer.
beer tasted awful but singing alone by myself made me feel good.
esp. i only have to sing my favorite songs and i can cut off whenever.

not every song that i like were listed though.
cause they usually list only what's really really popular.
and it's not my taste at all.

anyway, it's good every once in a while.
might do it again.
# by halcany | 2005-09-05 20:02 | musics

it's called friends

for a long time, i hadn't had alcohol from can.
only had a bottled beer when i'm home,
or it was in a glass if i'd gone out.

but all we had last night was cheep canned drinks.

we were out at the beach called enoshima.
met old and new friends.
did all sorts of things you're supposed to do on the beach at night.
except for some sexy stuff. it's all clean! i have to make it clear!

cleaned all the garvages and went to a old little hotel.
took bath, and we all talked and had left over drinks till we were tired.

and i realised that i lost a pair of jeans which i wore to the beach.
and someone lost one of her shoe which she wore to the beach.

i had to go back home with this ugly short pants and beach sandal.
i totally looked rediculous in public.

but it's okay.
it was a lot of fun.
nice to have all these people around to laugh and laugh and laugh.
# by halcany | 2005-09-04 22:37 | nice

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